Four years ago, I started Aethereal Engines as an inexperienced but determined writer who was beginning to share his work publicly for the first time. AE was created with the intent of it being an archive for my fiction and a motivator for me to keep writing and sharing. I am pleased to say that it succeeded in this regard: In the preceding years I and my writing have grown and matured thanks in large part to the journey I began with this site.

Without AE, I would not have started or finished my first novel, Vivian’s Last Cigarette, or be preparing it for release in 2018.

Less than a year after I launched Aethereal Engines, I started Aethereal Engineer: My author blog that in short order became a far more active place than my story archive. As my goals and needs as an author have expanded, it became clear in the last six months that Engines had succeeded in its mission as a launching point for me. However, it also became clear that AE no longer had a clear or effective purpose.

When I began the task of making my short stories and novelettes ready for release on Amazon in the near future, it highlighted the fact that maintaining this site as an archive and mouthpiece was redundant. Simply put, my writing reaches a wider audience through release on Aethereal Engineer. And of the small audience that does follow me here, many are are also following me on Engineer. Its function as a story archive and bibliography is also better served by my hosting it on my new Author Website,, which I invite you to check out.

My author’s website takes over the duty of being a story archive —along with other consolidated functions— to become the central hub and “face” of my online presence. This is also good for Aethereal Engineer, as it frees it from that chore and allows it to remain my blog, soapbox and place where I share content that I’ve created or found creatively inspiring every weekday.

You may find almost all of the stories that were on Aethereal Engines now hosted on the Bibliography Section of my new author’s site. They are still free to read, and now neatly indexed with cleaner navigation and presentation. I will be presenting selected new fiction going forward on Aethereal Engineer, in addition to my weekly flash and micro-fiction offerings such as my Mid-Week Muses and Fifty Word Fantasy features.

If you have enjoyed my work here, you can subscribe to or follow Aethereal Engineer and continue receiving updates and new fiction from me. Aside from reclogging this message a few more times in the coming weeks, nothing else will be posted to Aethereal Engines before I set the site to redirect to

After having had great run and highly positive effect on my life, all the energy that has been present here on AE will manifest itself more effectively elsewhere as I continue to grow as an author. For those of you that have been with me on this amazing ride, I hope to see your faces in my other haunts and new adventures. Thank you!

~Jason H. Abbott.