Burusian Tales

Burus is the “classic fantasy world” where I have set some of my imaginative fiction. The continent is reminiscent of medieval Europe, with notable exceptions such as the existence of magic and other sentient species. Burus is dominated by five kingdoms: Adril, Zacia, Yales, Ozmana and Ehtrus… Whose kings are at best distrustful allies, and more commonly found in competition or war with the others.

The stories bellow take place in this story universe, but unless otherwise noted don’t have significant crossover with one another beyond that. A click of the titles or pictures will take you to the respective story or archive.

The Old Man of the Elder Trees

Short Story: The parents of two broken families join forces to save their daughters who share a bond of friendship and fate.


The Brynesmark

Six Chapter Novelette: Will young Eevin survive this tale of kidnapped orphans, murderous seamen, treasure maps, vengeful wizards, assorted monsters, notorious buccaneers and piratical swordfightin’? Read on and find out!


A Contract in Azure and Indigo

Four Chapter Novelette:  The heroes and villains of A Contract in Azure and Indigo aren’t your typical fantasy archetypes. Far from being wizards or warriors, they’re regular folks whose concerns over the farm outweigh those they have over monsters. But the world, and magic, has a way of intruding sometimes… Until what begins with an air of mystery reaches a moment of choice. A choice that, once made, insures nothing will be the same again.

Out to Pasture Reader

Out to Pasture

Short Story. Erden had listened to the rumors and tales of the local heroes’ exploits knowing that he would never want to get involved in them himself. The old dairyman had enough problems of his own around Hilltop House after the hard winter and loss of his contract with the cheesemaker to see concerns like monsters and undying lords added to his troubles. Yet on a spring day where all he wants to do is mend his broken fence, the Briar Fellowship has come to the farm looking for his help…

A Hymnal upon the Wind COVER TWO

A Hymnal upon the Wind

Short Story. Huddled around a bent campfire with companions as frigid as the howling winds, Aile had never felt a festival of the Nativity as cold as the one she bore tonight. Unseen past the snow and scraggly pines, others are listening in the night… Watching with hungry eyes that craft murderous designs.


The Visitor

The Visitor

Short Story. Mankyn Greyspirit cast a dubious gaze at the broad figure armored fully in plate for tournament before him. “You are an apprentice to Yir the Profound?”

Sacred Stars

The Pool of Sacred Stars

Serial Novel (currently on hiatus) “Oris believed that his fortunes were changing when the wizard Philduren recruited him for an expedition to Thaldergast, the ruins of old Thalder. Only a few weeks later, the hawk-nosed sellsword is the lone survivor of a doomed party, lost and with a horde of hobgoblins in vicious pursuit of not only himself, but the fabulous treasure that burdens him.”

Copyright © 2014-2016 Jason H. Abbott, All Rights Reserved.


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