The Pool of Sacred Stars

Sacred Stars

Serial Novel (currently on hiatus) “Oris believed that his fortunes were changing when the wizard Philduren recruited him for an expedition to Thaldergast, the ruins of old Thalder. Only a few weeks later, the hawk-nosed sellsword is the lone survivor of a doomed party, lost and with a horde of hobgoblins in vicious pursuit of not only himself, but the fabulous treasure that burdens him.”

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Prologue, The Rootbound Stair

(Author’s note: “The Rootbound Stair” was originally written years ago by myself as a very short story. I posted it up here as a placeholder when I started the blog and a friend of mine encouraged me to continue the action. That kindled the ideas that became “The Pool of Sacred Stars”. It is a good reminder to me of how far I have come with my writing, yet still fits in within the story’s continuity. ~Jason.)

Chapter One, The Burden of Treasures

Chapter Two, Thus Smolders the Fire in Darkness








Copyright © 2014 Jason H. Abbott, All Rights Reserved.


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