Exerverse Fiction

The Exerverse is a science-fantasy setting in a world almost like our own except for a single fantastical element: Recent outbreaks of a mysterious and lethal affliction labeled Genomic Autoimmune Reaction Syndrome.

The cause and vector of GARS is a total mystery, and the best that medical care can do for the afflicted is to treat the symptoms. Even more alarming is the fact that some GARS survivors undergo the process of Expressed Extragenomic Metamorphosis, a phenomena that contradicts a number of long held scientific assumptions. These survivors are left “Exed” and often no longer genetically human.

Despite their transformations, “Exers” retain their memories, personalities and mental capacity. Left to grapple with the problems their changes cause them, they experience a new world as well. One that grants them few favors.



 The Showroom

Short Story. Calliope walked past the waiting room of the dealership and immediately felt the eyes of the other customers on her. She ignored them and grabbed a K cup of green tea for the Keurig. With only a handful of exers living in Maine, she rightfully assumed that they had never seen anyone like her before.



Copyright © 2015 Jason H. Abbott, All Rights Reserved.


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