Standalone Stories

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Photograph courtesy of the talented Kristina Rutšjevskaja, used and modified by the author with her permission.


Short Story: Born of incubus seed, Elanni wanted nothing to do with the world of men. Or heroes…

Angel – A Short Story of the Un-Dead

Short Story. Emily lifted the sparkling pink case of her iPhone and checked the time under the streetlight. Within seconds, she finished tapping out a text message to her boyfriend, telling him of the delay with Melissa but that they were still coming tonight. The sound of bicycle tires approaching on the paved road pulled her attention away from the phone, and she watched the looping pattern of the bike’s wheel reflectors glide closer as she stood on the lonely suburban curbside. Also available as an audiobook on YouTube!


Rumble at the Red Rock Tavern

Flash Fiction. There were screams as booths and chairs were vacated around the rolling fray. But Lauren stood over the pig-pile shouting for them to stop before she grabbed the back of Devin’s jacket, ripping it as she tried to pull him away. The fat crony standing guard over the fight backhanded the Korean woman in the red dress, breaking her glasses and knocking her backwards. Stumbling, she fell in her heels to the floor with a hard thud.

Adraxis Alas Asmon

Short Story. Halfway past the perpetually unfolded Murphy bed in the middle of the room, Howard stopped his slow walk. There was a noise, a barely audible murmur as the writer looked at the unkempt bed. It would have been undetectable if the rest of the city had not been sleeping, and he strained to pinpoint the sound. His eyes fell to the wooden orange crate full of papers that Ed had packed from Mel’s desk…


Method One, Standard.

Flash Fiction. Patrick choked on his Mountain Dew looking at the lowly one on the twenty-sided die. With his usual game-mastering flair, Dave chanted nonsense holding his newfound antique book as a prop. The pantomime was typical for Dave as he described the effects of the Reincarnation Beam, until the oddly authentic looking spellbook erupted into green flames that flew across the table…


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